Wednesday, December 6, 2023
5 : 50 AM

Welcome to this brief demonstration of the MedCost Claims Repricing Inquiry System. This interactive demonstration simulates several of the web pages that are included with the actual product, providing the opportunity to enter requested data in forms for querying the repricing status of claims submitted to MedCost.

This demonstration does not actually query the MedCost database, but simulates the process with the live system. Please enter fictitious patient information while utilizing this demonstration. You are also urged to enter invalid date formats and/or omit required information so that the data validation features built into this application can be fully observed. Please click all activated links on each page to see the result.

If you are interested in receiving registration information for your practice/facility for the MedCost Provider Web Applications, please return to this page and click "Contact MedCost" below and complete the registration form.

To enter the demonstration, please click "Continue Demo" below. We hope that you will find that this online product will improve both efficiency and time management.

IMPORTANT! your web browser must accept cookies in order to view the demo and to request an account. Click here to view instructions to allow cookies in your browser if needed. Also, this web application is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 web browser. Click here for more details.



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